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This is Your Place to Shine.

64 majors. 56 minors.
10 graduate degrees.

Majors and Minors

At Capital, we partner with you to forge a focused path to your future—a pathway that begins with your dreams and culminates with you becoming the person and the professional you want to be. Each of our 64 majors and 56 minors offers a distinct focus, yet you will find endless interconnections between your chosen discipline and related—or seemingly unrelated—areas of study.

From the beginning, your education will be infused with critical thinking and problem solving — first through broad-based learning in our liberal arts core that will make you a well-rounded, educated citizen, and then through focused study in your major. But it gets even better. You’ll be focused on your major, but not limited by it.


Below are our majors for traditional undergraduate students.


  • Art Education
  • Art Therapy
  • Studio Art

Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Biochemistry
  • Chemistry



  • Primary Childhood Education (PK-5)
  • Adolescent to Young Adult Education
  • Intervention Specialist Education (Mild/Moderate) (K-12)
  • Visual Arts Education (P-12)
  • Music Education (P-12)
  • Integrated Mathematics Education (7-12)
  • Integrated Science (7-12)
  • Integrated Language Arts Education (7-12)
  • Integrated Social Studies Education (7-12)


  • Creative Writing
  • Journalism and Professional Writing
  • Literature

Health and Sport Sciences

  • Exercise Science
  • Pre-Athletic Training
  • Pre-Physical Therapy


  • History
  • History and Education


  • Psychology

Religion and Philosophy

  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Worship Ministries (Religion)
  • Youth Ministry and Christian Education (Religion)

Social Work

  • Social Work

World Languages and Cultures

  • International Studies
  • Spanish
  • French

Making a Major Impact With Your Minor

We know an extra motivated student when we see one. Always inquisitive. Always engaged.

Adding a minor means more work. It's true. But for those who aspire to exceed the status quo, your major might not be enough. That's why we have over 50 minors to help fill that intellectual void and complement your major course of study.

Or perhaps you have a completely unrelated area of interest and want to explore what another field may look like. It's perfectly fine. Providing options is what higher education is supposed to do.

Capital offers the following minors to combine with your major and give you a competitive edge in the workplace:


  • Art History Minor
  • Art History Minor
  • Digital Design Minor
  • Sport Business
  • Studio Art Minor
  • Therapeutic Art Minor

Graduate Degree Programs

Real job experience has given you the skills and confidence in your career, but in a highly competitive and demanding workplace, your professional value is often measured with an advanced degree. When you're ready to take the next step in your career, lean on Capital’s stellar reputation of producing purpose-ready leaders in Business, Education, Nursing, Music and Law.